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Pastor John Peront

Ministering the Spiritual Gifts Part 2 (AM Service)

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Pastor Peront speaks from 1 Peter 4

Pastor John Peront

John 2 The Miracle at Cana

Pastor Peront speaks on Jesus' first miracle at Cana from John 2:1-12

We Are to Have the Same Care for One AnoPastor Peront
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We Are to Submit to One AnotherPastor Peront
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God is Working, Trust Him! Dr. Jack Mitchell
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We Are to Have the Same Mind Toward One AnotherPastor Peront
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We Are to Serve One AnotherPastor Peront
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The Church is the Body of ChristPastor Peront
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We Are to Love One AnotherPastor Peront
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Formula for Freedom Part 4Pastor Peront
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Formula for Freedom Part 3Pastor Peront
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Formula for Freedom Part 2Pastor Peront
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Formula for FreedomPastor Peront
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